2009 PRSA Western District Conference

04/22/09 The 2009 PRSA Western District Conference is MAKING WAVES.

No, not the kind you surf (though we won't stop you from exploring those if that's your thing!). When we talk about "making waves," we're referring to professional communicators making a real difference. Creating an impact. Delivering unmistakable value to our organizations or clients.

Let's be candid: Today's economic turmoil places undeniable stress on all of us. At the same time, rapid changes in communications technologies, and the corresponding need to adopt new strategies and tactics, make keeping our skills sharp a professional necessity. PR practitioners are under intense pressure to convince decision makers they're receiving a powerful return on their public relations or marketing investment.

The 2009 PRSA Western District Conference offers you the knowledge you need to succeed - and even thrive - in this challenging environment. You'll hear from insightful and engaging speakers on a wide range of salient topics. You'll have a chance to interact with colleagues from throughout the region and establish valuable professional and personal relationships. You'll even enjoy a healthy (and no doubt well deserved) dose of fun!

So don't hesitate. Sign up now for what promises to be a primo adventure!

PRSA Western District Conference
April 22-24, 2009
Newport Beach, California


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